Dance to Dream

Dance to Dream is a collection of photos (1/1) from my photo shooting of beautiful ballet dancers in motion performing Tango at an open air event in Dresden, Germany. I was mesmerized by the energy and sensuality of the dancers. To emphasize this and to capture the movements, I used a slow shutter speed. The original black & white images were then superimposed on a Mamiya Polaroid with added color to give it a vibrant feel.

The images in this collection were uniquely created as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on OpenSea. The initial purchaser will receive a free physical art print or other wonderful items featuring the images. Choose, order and enjoy.

dance to dream Juliette NFT

dance to dream Juliette

dance to dream Isabelle NFT

dance to dream Isabelle

dance to dream Marie NFT

dance to dream Marie


dance to dream Sophie NFT

dance to dream Sophie

dance to dream Valerie NFT

dance to dream Valerie

dance to dream Florence NFT

dance to dream Florence


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